Xiaomi Mi A4 Max: Release Date, Price & Specs


So dear gadget users, do you want to experience something new? Then for you, Xiaomi is bringing its very new phone Xiaomi Mi A4 Max. It’s a perfect package for all the gadget users. It includes all the facilities which a user might need. So you might be thinking why we are not sharing the details of this phone. Don’t worry please. At the very beginning we will share the releasing date then we will discuss about the specs and lastly we will make you know about the probable price.

Xiaomi Mi A4 Max Release Date

Xiaomi Mi A4 Max 2020
Xiaomi Mi A4 Max 2020

 So you might really want to know the release date, right? We won’t make you wait, but unfortunately we don’t know the official releasing date. But yes, hopefully you will get this mobile within the very beginning of 2020.

Xiaomi Mi A4 Max Specs

At the very beginning, we would like to talk about the display of the phone. Honestly speaking, this phone includes the very latest and updated display. How? Xiaomi Mi A4 Max includes 6.3-inch FHD+ display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. This display type is really rare and new, so you won’t find it everywhere. Most importantly, the display is totally secured. It’s not like if somehow your phone drops from your hand, then your display will just broke. Not that happens because of the Gorilla Glass 6 for protection. You display will be totally safe!

When it comes about RAM and ROM, then at the very beginning we would like to talk about the RAM. The RAM of Xiaomi Mi A4 Max comes in a beast mode. This offers 2 different size of RAM, 8GB/10GB. You can buy anyone of them, according to your wish. Just like that, the ROM size is enough for the users. They offer 128GB/256GB size RAM. Not just that, if you think this ROM size is not enough for you then you can increase the size up to 1TB by using a micro SD card.

Xiaomi Mi A4 Max 2020: Processor, Camera & Battery

You will get Android Q update in your very own Xiaomi Mi A4 Max. So undoubtedly, you will get the maximum output from this phone. Another thing is the processor. Whatever happens, the processor of a phone needs to be good. That’s why this phone includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset as processor. Hope your experience is going to be really good.

Now it’s the perfect time to talk about the camera which this phone is offering. This phone offers a triple 54MP + 16MP + 8MP snapper’s camera. So surely you will be able to get the perfect snap when you take a shot. Most importantly, if you are a selfie lover, then it’s a perfect phone for you. This phone includes 32MP front-facing shooter. So even when you will click selfies, they will be more than perfect.

Lastly we would like to talk about the battery as it’s the power house of everything. This phone includes a non-removable 5500mAh juice box. Undoubtedly this battery will ensure that, you use the phone for a long period of time. Rather than that, Xiaomi Mi A4 Max includes the very fast charging facility.

Xiaomi Mi A4 Max Price:

Time to announce the price of Xiaomi Mi A4 Max. But unfortunately we don’t have any exact knowledge about the price. But yes, most probably, the price of this very new smart phone will start from $200 ~ R.s 13,900.



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