Vivo V19 Pro: Price, Specs, Features, News & Release Date


A company that came and owned the entire market. So you are thinking about which company we are talking about? Okay, we are talking about your very own Vivo. This phone is so cool and stylish that, you will love it when you will have it on your hand. It’s every single spec includes damn good thing so you won’t have the opportunity to be sad. Most importantly, in this article, we will share about every single specs of Vivo V19 Pro. But before going for the specs we would like to share the release date.

Vivo V19 Pro Release Date

Vivo V19 Pro

Vivo won’t make you wait for this phone. You are going to get the  Vivo V19 and Vivo V19 Pro mobile in March 2020. So wait till the phone comes.

Vivo V19 Pro Specs

Now a day’s most of the people actually remain conscious about the storage of their phone. That’s quite obvious. Vivo offers 128 GB storage inside of it. So you will be able to save all your favorite things.  RAM is also important for phones. A perfect RAM ensures that a phone runs very well. That’s why this phone includes 8GB RAM for you.

It’s time to talk about the camera. Though once cameras used to be a rare thing but now, it just became a very known thing because of mobile phones. Just like all other phones, Vivo also includes a very good camera. Even it is far better than the others.

This phone includes a 64+8+2+2 MP back camera. No matter who clicks a picture, the picture will be perfect as more as possible. Not only the back camera, but the front camera is also too good. Vivo V9 Pro includes 32 MP + 8 MP front camera for you. So you will get really good selfies.

Here comes the main part. We meant the battery. The battery is really perfect for this mobile. Why we are saying this? This phone includes a 4500 mAh battery. That’s why once you will charge it, you won’t have to connect it with electricity for a very long period of time. Oh, by the way, the battery also gets recharged very fast. So you won’t have to wait a long period of time to recharge it.

Vivo V19 Pro 2020: Display, Sensors, Processor and Operating System

Let’s talk about the display. It’s mainly an AMOLED type display. This phone offers 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) display. So that’s why every single moment with this phone will be really enjoyable. Not only that, the screen will remain always protected because of the Corning Gorilla Glass.

Vivo V19 Pro 2020

It’s time for the sensor facility. This phone includes a Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope for you. So no matter what, your phone will remain with all the safeguards provided by Vivo.

The audio jack is about 3.5 mm. Most importantly, this phone includes loudspeakers. So you will love the experience.

Now we would like to talk about the chipset of the phone. This phone includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset for you. So surely the phone will be super-fast as it has this chipset inside of it. Another important spec of this phone is the operating system.

This phone includes Android v9.0 (Pie). This very latest operating system will ensure your best possible use. You will be able to download any app you want just because you have this operating system.

Vivo V19 Pro Price:

The price of the Vivo V19 Pro smartphone will start from Rs 34,990.


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