Sony Xperia Note Flex: Release Date, Price, Specs & News


Hello dear specs lovers, It’s time to time to share some specs about the very special phone named Sony Xperia Note Flex. Why this phone is special/ okay, to know this, you have to go to till the very end of this article. What does this article include? This article includes all the details of this phone. You will get to know the release date, price and most importantly all the specs. We know, you are getting bored with the intro part. So let’s just not waste your time. Here we start-

Sony Xperia Note Flex Release Date

Eager to know the release date? Okay, honestly speaking you won’t have to wait much to get the phone. This phone will be released within June 2020.

Sony Xperia Note Flex 2020

Sony Xperia Note Flex Specs

We will start with the network technology. The very special phone includes GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G. So the huge variety in the network technology will surely add a huge amount of value.

Now we would like to give you a slight knowledge of the display. The display of the phone offers 5.7-inch OLED with QHD resolution. So surely, the huge size display will give you the actual satisfaction of watching something on camera. Another thing is that the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 7 screen protector. So no matter what your phone will remain protected.

Later we would like to talk about the processor. Honestly speaking this phone actually demands a very good processor. Sony also understood it. That’s why they included a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor inside of it. Another important thing is the operating system. This very special phone includes an Android 10 operating system. So that will make your phone super-fast.

Now its our holy responsibility to make you know about the RAM and ROM. We will start with the ROM. This phone includes 128GB & 256 GB ROM inside of it. So when you will install something or you will download any file, you will have enough storage on your phone. Most importantly, the RAM is something special. That’s because you will get 8/10 GB RAM . So no matter what, your experience will be too good.

Sony Xperia Note Flex 2020: Camera, Battery, Sensors and Protection Info

Time for the camera! This camera is formed in a way that, it will provide you the best possible service, no matter what is your photography skill is. So this phone includes 44 MP + 24 MP + 12 MP back camera. Surely this spec of the camera will allow you to click beautiful pictures. Most importantly it includes 42 MP in-Display Front Camera for you. So whether you click selfies or video calling, you get the appropriate service.

The huge size phone demands a good battery, right? Okay, this phone includes Li-Polymer 6100mAh Non-removable battery. It recharges faster and gives long lasting service. that’s why once you will charge it, you won’t have to get tensed about it. Another thing is, this phone allows wireless charging facility.

Sony Xperia Note Flex

The sensor of this phone includes In-Display Fingerprint, Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, and barometer. Surely your phone will safe and secure always.

Lastly, we would like to talk about the waterproof service of this phone. Sony Xperia Note Flex will remain totally fine If it’s dropped underwater.

Sony Xperia Note Flex Price

The price of Sony Xperia Note Flex will start from $750 ~ €680 ~ Rs. 49900.


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