Samsung Galaxy S14: 12GB RAM, 108MP Penta Camera & 8500mAh Battery

Samsung Galaxy S14: 108MP Penta Camera, 12GB RAM & 8500mAh Battery! Time to share all the details about a new phone from Samsung named Samsung Galaxy S14 flagship. As it is a new one, so obviously you will get some new features. Those features are something which might seem a bit of unknown a few days ago. But all these are becoming real just because of the Korean company. So here we start with the release date of Samsung Galaxy S14 2020 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S14 Release Date:

We still didn’t get any official announcement from the Samsung authority. But somehow we managed to hear that, this phone will get released between October-December, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S14

Samsung Galaxy S14 Specs:

We will start with a very common but a much-needed spec which you will need and that is dual SIM including facility. You will be able to use two different SIM’s by this phone.

Most of the people want to know, what kind of security they will get once they buy this phone. So that’s why this phone has enough sensors. Samsung Galaxy S14 flagship includes Fingerprint, Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, and barometer and so on. So for sure, your phone will be enough secure even if goes to someone others hand.

The display is really big. Big means big. You will get a 6.7” Inches Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display. The huge display will ensure while you watch something you watch with enough comfort. Even if any small accident occurs, your phone will remain safe because this display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 7.

You will get wireless charging support while charging the phone. That means you don’t have to find out the charger or cables when you need to charge your phone. Another thing is, the battery will get recharged very fast. So it will save a huge amount of time for you. If you are thinking about the battery then let’s just say you will get an 8500mAh battery. Though it is a non-removable battery, the fact is it’s enough for your long-time use.

Samsung Galaxy S14 2020

Samsung Galaxy S14 flagship 2020: Camera, Processor, OS & Memory

In this stage, we would like to share some details about the camera. Samsung Galaxy S14 flagship includes Rear Penta 108 MP + 63 MP + 45 MP + 32 MP + 24 MP Camera in the back. The super updated camera will be enough for you even if you are a professional! Even if you love to click selfies then still this will be perfect for you. Because this phone includes Dual 48 MP Front camera.

Now we would like you a slight knowledge about the processor. This phone includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor for you. So you will get enough ease while you use it. Along with the updated processor, this phone includes Android 10 operating system. So no matter what, you will be able to install your favourite things and your phone will be super-fast.

Lastly, we would like to make you know about the RAM and ROM. This phone includes 12 GB RAM. Right after that, let’s talk about the ROM. You will get 256/512 GB ROM along with the phone. As some people might need more size, that’s why this phone will also offer 1TB ROM. So pick your needed one.

Samsung Galaxy S14 Price:

The price is slightly higher. But not that much. Price of Samsung Galaxy S14 flagship will start from $1110 ~ €990 ~ Rs. 75900.