Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020: Price, Specs, Release Date & News

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020: Price, Specs, Release Date & News! How about if you can fold your phone display and use it as a smartwatch? We know you are thinking how is it possible, you might even think we have just said those words just for the sake of something. But guess what? You heard exactly what is going to happen in the very next year because Samsung is going to bring its very new phone named ‘Samsung Galaxy Flex’ which will make those things possible which anyone never thought before!

Now let’s just say when this phone is going to be released by Samsung family.

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020: Release Date

The Samsung still didn’t announce the official releasing date of Samsung Galaxy Flex. But we managed to hear that, this phone will be released in September 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 Concept Images

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020: Specs

This phone is going to be an offering from the Samsung folks. It includes so many facilities which will influence you to think bigger. This phone will make things a bit easier for you. So let’s just go for the very first facility which you are going to get from Samsung Galaxy Flex.

That is the processor. It includes Exynos 10 Series processor which will make your phone super-fast. You might be dreaming of installing so many apps in your mobile and for sure you are a bit of tensed that those apps might make your phone a bit of slow. But please don’t be. Because you’re Samsung Galaxy Flex has the very latest processor!

Now we would like to talk about RAM and ROM. The RAM of Samsung Galaxy Flex is just perfect for you because it has a 8GB RAM. So for sure, you are going to use this phone with a great amount of cheer. When it comes about the ROM this it’s something special because it is offering three different sizes of ROM. 128GB/256GB/512GB are three different sizes of ROM which you are going to get. So whatever you want to install and save you can because you will enough storage on your phone.

So it’s time to talk about the camera of your very own Samsung Galaxy Flex. To be very honest it’s a thing which you are going to love. This phone has a 23MP+16MP Dual primary camera module which will give you the opportunity to take pictures with your wish. Once you click pictures with this phone you will release how juicy those pictures are.  So happy clicking!

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020

You might love to record videos and watch them later, right? For sure you will, so that’s why Samsung Galaxy Flex’ has a super slow-motion video at 960fps. So once you start watching your video, you will just love those because those videos will rub according to your wish.

Here comes the most important part. I mean the battery! This phone has a 4300mAh advanced multi Li-Poly battery which will ensure your phone last long once you charge it. To be honest, once you change your phone you don’t have to think of recharging it for a specific period of time. Most importantly the battery is made with small moveable power cell, so hope you understand how good it’s going to be.

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020: Price

As no official announcement is done yet, but still we heard that the price of this phone will be higher than $2000 / Rs. 1,60,000.