Realme Edge Max Xtreme: 48MP Camera, 10GB RAM & More…

Welcoming you to have the very recent upcoming phone of Oppo Sub-band named Realme Edge Max Xtreme. It’s not only a phone, it’s a complete package. It includes so many features which will help you to experience something new. So let’s start with release date of this innovative product.

Realme Edge Max Xtreme Specs:

As we said before it’s actually a complete package. It’s tough to describe all the features in few words but let’s say the most eyes catching one. First of all lets describe the about the screen of this product. It will have large 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1090 x 2670 pixels which will ensure you see the actual image of whatever comes to your screen. Not only that, it includes corning gorilla glass type 6 protection So for sure it will protect your screen from every possible risk.

Realme Edge Max Xtreme

You might also become tensed that this phone supports 5G or not. But you don’t have to. Because of its new processor it will support the 5G. Might ask about the RAM, right? Okay it includes 10GB RAM. But the most important fact which will surprise you the most is the storage system. It has 256GB storage system.

So it’s something like you can store whatever you want to store. No worries about the phone storage! That storage is also expandable. But if you want to do that, you have to be bit of smart. All you need is just a micro SD Card slot which will expand your storage. Another fact for being tensed is the waterproof facility is available or not.  But please don’t be tensed. Because it is fully waterproof.

So where ever you go, under the water or above the clouds your phone will remain safe. Not only waterproof actually. It is totally dust proof. So if you visit a place which is full of dust, then please go with full confidence and without any kind of hesitation. Because dust proof protection facility of this phone will keep your phone safe from all dust.

You might be planning to on a trip and thinking about clicking the memories. Not a big deal, because Realme Edge Max actually has solution of all problems. How? Okay it have 48MP primary snappers on the rear. So Click as deep picture as you want. No matter how the view is far from you will be get the best possible picture. Please don’t ask about the selfie camera. Because it includes 20MP Selfie camera which ensures the finest selfie for you.

The operating system is also flexible for you. It actually runs on the latest android pie 9.1 So this will allow you to use the phone with more ease. Another important part of it is the battery cell. It includes a 6300mAh battery so once you charge it, you don’t have to think of recharging it (Depending on your use obviously).

Realme Edge Max Xtreme Release Date:

The fixed realising date of Realme Edge Max Xtreme is not announced yet. But it is heard from the officials that, they will realise it within the end of this year or within the very beginning of the next year.

Realme Edge Max Xtreme Price:

According to the facility of this phone the price is bit of low actually. It will charge only $430 ~ €390 ~ Rs. 28900. So for sure it’s under your buying range.