Nokia Zen 2020: Price, Specs & Release Date

Nokia Zen 2020: Price, Specs & Release Date! Here comes another beast from the Nokia family. The new Nokia Zen 2020 is all about pure class and technology. Just like all other phone of Nokia, this phone is also made with the latest technology.

If you see all the Nokia phones and compare each one of them, then you will understand each and every phone has better technology then the previous one. That’s why this phone also have some technology which any other phone don’t have. So let’s just not waste your time, now we would like to share the release date of this phone.

Nokia Zen 2020 Release Date

The much updated phone of Nokia will get released in the March or May, 2020. So please wait until it gets released.

Nokia Zen 2020

Nokia Zen 2020 Specs

Nokia Zen supports all the network technology you have. Want to know? This phone includes GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G. So go where ever you want with your very favourite phone.

Secondly this phone offers a huge display. Want to know the size? Okay, this phone includes 6.2” Inches Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display. So the huge size will give actual satisfaction. Not just that, you might be concerned about the security of the display. This security of the display is ensured by corning gorilla glass 7.

As we said, this phone is made with all the latest technology. The processor actually gives the actual example of it. This phone includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor in it. So you will get a perfect phone for you. Another thing is the operating system. This phone includes Android 10.

Now let’s talk about the RAM. This phone includes 8/10 GB RAM for you. After hearing about the RAM, you might be thinking about the ROM. The thing is, this phone offers a 256/512 GB ROM. So you will be able to save all the best photos/apps of yours.

Let’s talk about the sensor. This phone includes Fingerprint, Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, and barometer. The system of security is so good that, you won’t have to get tensed about the security. So use it, without any tension.

Nokia Zen 2020: Battery, Camera, Connectivity & Security

It’s time to talk about the battery. As we talked about so many things, most probably you are getting concerned about the battery. But Nokia is also well concerned about the fact. That’s why this phone includes Li-Polymer 7500mAh Non-removable. So when you will be using it, you won’t have to get tensed about the battery. Not only get that, the phone also recharged very fast.

In this situation, we would like to talk about the camera. Nokia Zen includes Quad 48+24+12+8 MP Rear back camera. So you will be able to click all the shots you want. Not just that. Now you might be thinking about the front camera. So let’s just say, this phone includes 32 MP Front Camera. So click your favourite shots!

At the very end, we would like to talk about some common features. You will be able to use two SIM’s at a time, through this phone.

Another thing is, this phone is totally water proof. So even if you drop it under water and keep it for 2 hours then still it will remain fine.

Nokia Zen 2020 Price

The price of the phone will get started from $550 ~ €485 ~ Rs. 36900. So it’s not that much obviously.