Nokia X90 Pro 2020: Price, Specs & Release Date

Nokia X90 Pro 2020! If you are a gadget lover, then something very special is waiting for you. What? Please don’t be so ambitious by the way. You are getting nothing for free. But for sure, the phone which Nokia is going to launch, you will be ready to spend anything to get it.

What is the specialty of this phone? Yes, we will discuss those, but before that, we would like to make you know about the releasing date of this phone.

Nokia X90 Pro Release Date:

You might be eager to get it, but the phone will make you wait. That’s because of the expected releasing date of this phone is in the middle of 2020. So until then, wait, wait and wait!

Nokia X90 Pro 2020

Nokia X90 Pro Specs

Finally the specs! To be very honest this phone has so many specs. So it’s tough to describe it in few words. About which spec you would like to read first? As we can’t hear you, that’s why we are starting with the RAM and ROM.

The RAM and ROM is a very special spec of this phone. Why? That’s because this phone includes 8/10/12GB RAM. You can pick the perfect one for you. So you better knew, which one is perfect for you. You might want to know about the ROM. So the fact is, this phone includes 128/256/512 GB ROM. So please select the size which meets your need.

Now day’s network technology has become an issue for all the mobile phone users. But that won’t be an issue for this phone. That’s because the network of this phone includes GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G. These network technology will ensure that you use your phone without any tension.

Oops! Forgot to talk about the display. The display will amaze you.  Because of its 6.7,” Inches Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display, you will have a great experience when you use it. By the way, the security of this phone is also an issue. You might be thinking, what will happen if an accident occurs? That won’t harm that much, because the display of this phone is secured by Corning Gorilla Glass 7. No matter what happens, the display of your phone will remain safe.

Nokia X90 Pro 2020 Processor, OS & Camera:

Let’s explain the processor and operating system. The processor is something which will make your phone faster. That’s why this phone includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. Please be ready to use a super-fast phone. Most importantly this phone includes Android 10 operating system. We hope you know, this is the most updated operating system which will help you to use your phone enough ease.

Now we would like to share something about the camera. Its camera is really good for sure. You might think about why we are saying this. But the fact is, this phone includes Quad 48 + 32 + 16 + 8 MP Rear back camera. Not just this, it has a 32MP front camera. So you might not need any actual camera for clicking pictures.

Nokia X90 Pro Price

Honestly speaking as Nokia didn’t announce any official price of this phone, so we don’t have that kind of idea about this phone. But yes, we can predict for sure. Most probably the price of this phone will start from $770 ~ €699 ~ Rs. 53900.