Nokia Swan Max 2020: Price, Specs, News & Release Date


A new member of the Nokia Family. It’s been a long journey for Nokia and they always remain present in the market with the newest technology. Whenever Nokia came into the market, they brought something new. Now it’s time for Nokia to bring the latest edition of its technology. So dear readers Nokia is going to bring a name phone named Nokia Swan Max 2020. So what are you waiting for? Let’s just know the releasing date of the Nokia Swan Max.

Nokia Swan Max 2020 Release Date:

Nokia Swan Max 2020

Wait a bit, please. We know how eager you are to have this phone. But Nokia is not bringing this one very early. You have to wait a bit. Not much obviously. Somehow we managed to hear from the officials that, Nokia will bring Nokia Swan Max in the middle of the year 2020. So please start your countdown and wait for the very latest phone from Nokia.

Nokia Swan Max 2020 Specs:

Let’s starts with the display of the phone. It’s made with pure raw materials which will ensure a crystal clear view of the screen. The screen is 6.6-inch Super AMOLED with 4K resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels and a tall 21:9 aspect ratio.

So when you will watch something or even when you will talk through video calls, you will get a view which you never had. Another important fact is this phone includes protection for its display. This phone has a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection which will ensure a 100% safety of your phone’s display.

Now we would like to explain the software details of this phone. This phone runs on Android 10. So for sure, you will have a great experience.

The camera of this phone which you will love to have. How? The back camera of this phone includes 64MP + 32MP + 16MP + 8MP lens. So even if you are not photogenic still you don’t have to think because your camera is quite special. When it comes to the front camera, then this phone has a 32MP lens. This will not only ensure a better selfie but also a better video calling.

Nokia Swan Max 2020

Nokia Swan Max 2020: Security, Battery & Connection Info

For security purposes, this phone includes a fingerprint and a passcode system. So No matter what, you don’t have to take a bit of hassle for the security purpose of this phone.

Let’s talk about the battery capacity of this phone. Nokia Swan Max has a large 7500mAh battery. So this super powerful battery will ensure that you use this phone without any stoppage. I mean, you have to stop a bit for recharging it, but to be very honest it won’t take that amount of time.

At this stage, you might be thinking about the connectivity options of this phone. So this phone includes 4G Volte, 5G network, GPS and so on. These options will work in great favor of you, so obviously you are going to love the experience. Except for these options, as always this phone includes Bluetooth facility. So you can transfer data without any hesitation.

Nokia Swan Max 2020 Price:

Good things deserve a better price, isn’t it? Yes, it does, so obviously this phone also deserves a better price just because of the quality you are going to get. The price of the Nokia Upcoming flagship phone Swan Max 2020 will be $750 ~ Rs. 54, 152. To be very honest, this price is quite tiny in front of the quality of what you are going to get.


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