Nokia Maze Monster 2020: Release Date, Price & Specs


Nokia, your much known multinational company from Finland is going to bring something special for you. I mean, don’t be so ambitious, as it manufactures phone so obviously, it’s going to bring a brand new phone for you named Nokia Maze Monster 2020. Nokia means a lot to the ones who know about class because it is serving phone users from long days ago. Its camera, battery facility, security system, and so many things will make you feel amazed. So after giving the intro of this phone, let’s know the releasing date of this phone.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020 Release Date:

It is heard from the officials of Nokia that, the expected release date of Nokia Maze Monster is May-July 2020.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020

Nokia Maze Monster 2020 Specs:

At the very beginning, we would like to talk about the network technology of this phone. It supports GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G.So it’s going to be a very good opportunity for you.

Next, we would talk about the display of this phone. It has 6.59” transparent AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display, so when you see on the screen you will have a great experience. Not only that, but the display is also well protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6. So you don’t have to think about the protection of the glass.

Now, it’s time to talk about the processor and the operating system of the Nokia Maze Monster 2020. This phone includes a processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, so once you use it you will be using it with enough ease. Most importantly it includes an operating system named Android 10. So for sure, you will get enough comfort also.

Nokia Maze Monster’s security system is pretty high. This phone has a face lock and fingerprint check-up. So it will unlock only when it founds your face or fingerprint. For additional security, you can set up a security code for ensuring 100% security.

Nokia Maze 2020 Images

This phone is also 100% proof. If you are going to a place which is near to water then you might get a bit of tensed about the security of your phone. But you don’t have to actually. Because this phone will remain okay under 2-meter deep water even for 2 hours long. So enjoy yourself!

Nokia Maze Monster 2020: Battery, Camera & Memory

It also includes the latest wireless charging facility. So when you want to recharge your phone you don’t have to take much hassle. Another important fact about this phone is, this phone gets recharged very fast. Once you charge it, it will give you long time service because this phone includes Li-Polymer 7500mAh Non-removable battery.

Here comes the user’s most favorite part. I mean the camera!  Nokia Maze Monster 2020 includes Triple 64+20+13 MP Rear camera. So when you will click anything you will love it. As now days clicking a selfie is another trend, so this phone has a 32 MP Front Camera. So happy clicking.

Lastly the storage facility. It’s really important for the ones who use to have a lot of things to save. So this phone has a 256GB/512ROM facility. So whatever you want to save you can do that without any hesitation. By the way, this phone has a 10GB RAM. So this will ensure your phone’s super-fast service.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020 Price:

 It is heard that the price of Nokia’s upcoming flagship smartphone Maze Monster 2020 will start from $685 / €620 / Rs. 44900.


  1. Nokia is a house hold name for quality phones,I will not be surprise if Nokia Maze Monster surpass the anticipated efficiency to meet the full satisfaction of the end users.


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