Nokia Edge Xtreme Max 2020: Release Date, Price, Specs & News

Nokia Edge Xtreme Max 2020: Release Date, Price & Specifications! Time to talk about one of the latest phone which is going to be launched by your very own Nokia. For sure you might be thinking about the name of this phone. So without keeping you wait let’s say the name and its Nokia Edge Xtreme Max. Its maid with the latest phone technology by the most talented engineers of Nokia. Once you read the specs of this phone you will realize how much user friendly it is. So let’s start.

Nokia Edge Xtreme Max 2020 Specs:

As we said before you will love the specs so the first thing we would like to talk about is the wireless charging support and the super-fast battery charging facility. This will allow you to charge your phone without taking any hassle.

Nokia Edge Xtreme Max 2019

Another thing which we are going to describe is the display. This phone includes 6.5” Inches Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display, so that will give you a great amount of amazing feelings once you use it. Not only that, the display is protected with which protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6, that means if any light accident occurs your phone will remain safe for sure.

You might be thinking how fast the phone will be, right?

Okay please don’t think about it. Because Nokia Edge Xtreme Max includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor so it will keep your phone as fast as possible. Not only the processor actually, the operating system will also keep your phone smooth. Because you can use Android 10 through this phone. So this operating system will allow you to use any kind of app available in the market.

Nokia Edge Xtreme Max: RAM, ROM, Memory, Camera & Security:

Let’s talk about the RAM and ROM of Nokia Edge Xtreme Max. This phone includes 8GB/10GB RAM, so you can use the phone with enough ease. When it comes about the ROM facility, you will be amazed once you hear the ROM size. Because Nokia Edge Xtreme Max includes a ROM of 256GB/512GB. So you can chose the perfect one according to you demand. Not just this, if you think this storage is not enough for you then you can even increase by 1TB if you use a Micro SD card.

If you are a camera lover and you love to click pictures then it’s just a perfect phone. You might be thinking how! So let’s say, Nokia Edge Xtreme Max includes a Triple 48 MP + 16 MP + 8 MP Camera with 4K video recording snapper so you can click a perfect photo and even record your moment through this phone.

Don’t get tensed if it’s dark outside. Because Nokia Edge Xtreme Max includes Dual LED Flash which will give you the opportunity to click pictures even if it’s night. The security system of this phone is too high. Because it includes the fingerprint support and face recognition support. So only you can unlock your phone.

Nokia Edge Xtreme Max 2020 Release Date:

Nokia still didn’t announce the official release date of Nokia Edge Xtreme Max. But we managed to hear from the officials that, this phone will be released between October-December 2019. So that means you are going to get it as soon as possible.

Nokia Edge Xtreme Max 2020 Price:

The price of this phone is quite reasonable because it starts from only $800 ~ €720 ~ Rs. 55900. So hope it’s going to be a great purchase for you.