Nokia Edge Premium 2020: Price, Specs & Release Date

Nokia Edge Premium 2020: Price, Specs & Release Date! Once gadget were used to just call each other. But now time just changed. Today if you ask someone that, why they use their phone, then they will talk about so many specs. That’s how the entire expectation changed. Nokia is also well aware of the fact. Now when they make a phone, they consider the entire expectation of clients.  So dear readers, by considering all the facts, Nokia is now manufacturing a new phone named’ Nokia Edge Premium’.

Nokia Edge Premium Release Date

So you really want to know when this very special phone of Nokia will be released? Okay we won’t make you wait. The very special phone named ‘Nokia Edge Premium’ will get released between ‘January- April’, 2020.

Nokia Edge Premium 2020

Nokia Edge Premium 2020 Specs

At the very beginning we would like to talk about the display. This very special phone offers a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. So you will love the entire view of the phone when you will use it. By the way, forgot to tell you one thing. You will get the screen in 4K resolution. Most importantly, your screen will remain protected because of the Gorilla glass 7, screen protector.

The very next thing, which we would like to talk about, is the processor of this phone. This phone includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ cheapest. This cheapest will make your phone will super-fast.

Now it’s time for the storage system and the RAM. You will get these two specs in three variants. What will be those? They are available in 8GB of RAM / 128GB ROM, 10GB of RAM / 256GB ROM, and 12GB of RAM / 512GB. So pick your favourite one according to your demand and wish. Another thing is, if you think, you need more storage, and then you can increase the storage up to 1TB by using a micro SD card.

Nokia Edge Premium 2020: Camera, Operating System, Battery & Connectivity

Let’s talk about the camera. On the back camera of this phone offers 64MP primary lens, a 32MP ultra-wide lens, a 16MP wide sensor, and an 8MP depth sensor. So whenever you will take a shot, you will get the accurate one. When it comes about the front camera, then the fact is, this phone offers 32MP lens on the front.

Moving to the operating system. Honestly speaking, this phones includes the very latest operating system. How? That’s because this phone includes Android 10, as its operating system. So when you will be using it, you will get enough freedom to install anything you want.

Finally it is time to talk about the battery. Nokia Edge premium includes 6000mAh juice battery box. Trust us, you when you will charge it for once, you will get a long lasting service. Another thing is, it actually get recharged very fast. So huge amount of your time will be saved because of this feature.

At the very end, it’s time to talk about some extra features. These features are actually something, which are really essential for a mobile user. What are the additional feature? You will get 4G VoLTE, 5G support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS and so on. So these features will make your phone more perfect.

Nokia Edge Premium 2020 Price

So, it’s time for the price. Actually the price of the phone might sound bit of costly, but to be honest, this phone deserves the amount. The price of the phone will start from $750 ~ Rs. 53, 583.