Nokia Beam 2020: Price, Specs, Release Date, News & Key Features

Nokia Beam 2020: Price, Specs, Release Date, News & Key Features! Dear smartphone lovers, something very special is about to come for all of you. A very updated phone is going to be launched by the well-renowned company Nokia. What isn’t available on that phone? Trust us, the new Nokia Beam 2020 includes all the facilities which you might want from a smartphone. So without engaging you in reading the introduction part, let’s find out when this phone is going to be released.

Nokia Beam 2020 Release Date:

Most probably the upcoming Nokia upcoming smartphone Beam 2020 will be released within June-July 2020. After releasing Nokia Beam 2020, the Nokia company also released the “Beam” series many smartphones like Nokia Beam Lite 2020, Nokia Beam Pro 2020, Nokia Beam Max Xtreme 2020, Nokia Beam Premium 2020, Nokia Beam Max 2020 & Nokia Beam Xtreme 2020. When the Nokia officially confirmed above any mobile news, we will write single content for those smartphones.

Nokia Beam 2020

Nokia Beam 2020 Specs:

Let’s start the discussion with the display of this phone. The design of the display is too smart. Once you touch it, you will feel it. This phone includes a 7.3-inch Super AMOLED Display with 4K resolution. So the AMOLED display will ensure a great view of whatever you watch on this phone. Most importantly, the 4K resolution will provide 100% satisfaction, while you use it.

Time to talk about the processor of this phone. This phone includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, so this will ensure a super-fast experience of yours.  No matter which app you use, no matter which version you use, the phone will allow you to use it without facing any problems.

Now the RAM and ROM facility. Nokia Beam includes a RAM of 12GB. Trust us, this RAM is perfect for this kind of phone. When it comes to the ROM, then we would like to say the size is enough for this phone. This phone includes 256/512GB ROM, so you can install and save your important things.

Now you might be thinking about the operating system. So let’s just make you know that this phone includes the Android 10 operating system. So for sure, this operating system will allow you to install any app of your choice.

Nokia Beam 2020: Battery, Camera & Sensors Info

Lastly, we would like to discuss the battery of this phone. Nokia Beam includes an 8000mAh battery. This huge size of this battery will ensure long-lasting use. So that means when you will charge your phone, it will ensure a long time use. That doesn’t mean, the phone needs a long time charging. The phone has a super-fast charging facility, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time for charging it.

The Nokia Beam includes a dual rear camera setup. The back camera of this phone has a 48MP+24MP sensor. So when you will take a shot, you will love it. You will be able to zoom in and zoom out so that you get the perfect view. Now the front camera! People nowadays use the front camera more than the back camera.

Nokia also knows this. That’s why this phone includes a 32MP front camera. So the selfie camera will allow you to take selfies according to your wish.  Not only these actually, but the camera has an LED flashlight also, so you won’t have to be tensed about the light around you. On the sensor sections, Nokia also added all the latest sensors and their name is Fingerprint, Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer.

Nokia Beam 2020 Price

Here comes the most valuable part. We know, price matters to every single person. Nokia also knows it very well. But as this phone includes so many latest technology, Nokia will charge a good amount of money. So the price of the Nokia Beam 2020 phone will be started from Rs. 62, 629 ~ $899. So hope you are going to have a great experience.